Sunday, March 09, 2003

Reaching fame and glory using a blog is not easy at all. But that's exactly what I am going to to do with this blog. And I'll describe what you need to do, step by step, to do the same:

  • Create a blog. You can't reach fame and glory using a blog if you ain't got one. Got it?

  • Drop its name everywhere use it as your /., advogato, and Use Perl; signature. Include it in your email, in your usenet postings, use it in comments in well-read blogs. Desing a sticker and stick it in your car, bycicle or chariot. Take it everywhere.

  • Piggyback on other's fame: comment (see above first) on famous blogs: Evhead, Instapundit, Kottke. Point to the most famous histories in Popdex, so that people see its address when they check who's pointing to them. Click from your blog to other famous blogs so that that famous people see it in their pingbacks or trackbacks or whatever.

  • Keep doing it fame is a fickle thing, so you have to do it over and over. You might have to leave your day job, your family, your other hobbits. But never mind. You'll have reached glory

Saturday, March 08, 2003

I was blogging in Spanish, and the world at large wasn't paying much attention. I'll do it now in english, so that I can say that even more people are paying no attention to my ramblings.